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The Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No.1 is currently accepting applications for a Full-Time and Part-Time Emergency Medical Technicians. 

Duty Hours: Full-Time and Part-Time

Certifications/Training: Please see our application and job description listed below. If granted an interview, please bring copies of certifications / trainings to the interview. A background check will be completed by the Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No. 1. Please note you are responsible for completing Child Abuse Clearance prior to your first scheduled shift at your cost. 

**** Important: Please do not send applications via Facebook or other social media avenues. All applications should be submitted via our website, emailed directly to, or physically dropped off to 715 Northway Road, Williamsport, PA with the attention to Fire Chief.  

All questions can be directed to Chief Minnier at 570-323-3603. ****

Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No. 1

Job Description: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Supervises: N/A

Reports To: Loyalsock EMS Supervisor


  • An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is supervised on a daily basis by the EMS Supervisor
  • Knowledge of Basic Life Support and Emergency Care.
  • Skill to safely operate an emergency vehicle and/or ambulance under routine or emergency conditions throughout all seasons.
  • Knowledge and skill to use all emergency equipment associated with rescue and emergency medical services (EMS).
  • Skill to maintain Pennsylvania State mandated paperwork and other documentation associated with the job. 
  • Ability to hear and communicate effectively.
  • Ability to lift objects greater than 50 pounds. 
  • Ability to react calmly and effectively in an emergency and stressful conditions.
  • Must possess and maintain a current and valid driver's license.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent. 
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations.
  • Hazmat - Operations Level
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • CPR Certification


  • 2 years Emergency Medical Technician preferred (must maintain current certification)
  • Basic Computer Operations (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Charting Software)
  • Valid Pennsylvania Driver's License
  • Current certification in CPR (must maintain current certification)
  • Preferred current certification in National Incident Management System (NIMS - IS 100, 200, 700, and 800) within thirty days of hire.
  • HIPAA Training program (as provided by Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No.1 )
  • Certification of completion of Hazardous Materials Operations course (must maintain annual refresher training)
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Awareness (must maintain annual refresher training)

Technical Standards (Physical Requirements and Working Conditions):

  • Requires working under stressful conditions
  • May require working irregular hours
  • Requires effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Requires computer skills
  • Requires some exposure to communicable diseases and/or bodily fluids
  • Requires minimal exposure to smoke, heat, and bi-products of combustion.
  • Requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting. This also includes pushing and pulling of equipment or potential victims.
  • Requires kneeling, balancing, stooping, standing, walking, climbing, and ascending / descending stairs or ladders while pushing / pulling, and controlling equipment.
  • Requires sustained crouching or sitting with forward flexion of low back.
  • Requires depth perception, eye / hand coordination, and finger dexterity.
  • Requires minimal exposure to heights and confined spaces. 


  • Part-Time / Full-Time depending on selection. 

Major Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities:

  • Perform patient assessment and patient care at the Emergency Medical Technical - Basic Life Support level.
  • Perform daily vehicle/equipment checks and report maintenance concerns to company designee to include: appropriate documentation of vehicle checks, maintenance checks, and inventory must be complete at the start of each shift.
  • Perform cleaning of vehicles and equipment on daily basis.
  • Communicate with Lycoming County Communication's Center and Fire / EMS / Law Enforcement units using UHF/VHF two-way radios, cellular telephone, and satellite phones as needed. 
  • Communicate with patients, their families, and other members of the health care team presenting positive image of the Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, while maintaining a working relationship with other emergency service agencies and healthcare facilities. 
  • Comply with company sanitation, safety, infectious disease, blood and bodily fluid precaution policies/procedures.
  • Attend required programs and continuing education as scheduled.
  • Perform support functions as restocking and inventory maintenance of supplies and equipment, cleaning of equipment, transport of equipment, etc.
  • Perform public education.
  • Perform other tasks or duties as assigned by supervisor. 


Paid Staff
Please complete the following form as an online application for consideration of employment as a paid Emergency Medical Technician with Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No. 1. All completed online application forms will be reviewed by a member of the hiring panel and if selected, you will be invited for an interview, and further processing selection. Please ensure to print this form prior to submission for your record. Again, you are responsible for providing copies of all education, certification, and training records at the time of your interview. Finally if selected, you must complete and obtain Child Abuse Clearance at your own cost prior to starting as a member of our team.
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Fire / Emergency Medical Services
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If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.
I authorize the Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 to perform any additional criminal background check on my behalf and understand it is my responsibility to complete such forms to include the same information regarding my past criminal history as a requirement for employment. In addition, I authorize Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No.1 to contact my list of references provided as part of my character makeup prior to and following the employment interview.
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