Fire Safety For Staying Home and Going Back to School During Covid-19
Thu. Aug 20th 2020

Fire Safety for Staying Home and Going Back to School During Covid-19

Covid-19 has been a challenge for all of us, especially when there is so much uncertainty of going back to school or homeschooling children in the community. Fire Safety should certainly be on mind for all families. It is important to ensure that all students, staff and families are prepared for a fire or any other type of emergency. Partnering with U.S Fire Administration and Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner, we would like to remind organizations in the township of some situational changes faced with returning to school:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends implementing multiple mitigation measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 disease. So please be open minded to the changes in classroom and home environments.
  • Ensure fire and life safety systems present at school, work, and home remain functional during the times of occupancy and unoccupied times. 
  • Be careful not to introduce new hazards when implementing changes to environments, processes, and activities.
  • Remember requirements being put in place can vary based on approaches and processes established.
  • Places of Employment, Stores, and Schools now hold increased quantities of items like hand sanitizers, cloth coverings, personal electronic devices, and temporary partitions or barriers. All of which change firefighting tactics and response characteristics. Be mindful of the location and quantities of these items to ensure that compliance requirements are maintained and avoid new hazards
  • Fire Drills and Emergency Evacuation Plans may have changed. Barriers or protective screens may alternate routes of occupant evacuation. Ensure staff, students, and guest are advised in these changes and practice their safe way out of the facility. 

From all the members, we want our students and fellow neighbors to be safe. We wish all students welcome back and best of luck in their new academic years. For more safety information on returning back to work, school, or staying at home, please visit U.S Fire Administration, Pennsylvania Office of State Fire Commissioner, or contact us

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