Burning Through Summer
Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

As Spring moves into Summer, most of us enjoy spending time outdoors. Many relax in the evenings sharing thoughts and memories with others around a fire while enjoying a burger and toasted marshmallows. Being apart of the Loyalsock community, neighbors often gather in the backyards. Just so there are no unexpected surprises - like a fire truck with red lights and sirens joining your relaxing evening - below are some tips to enjoy your time around the fire and allow your fire volunteer neighbors to stay home and enjoy their backyards, too.

Many residents are not aware that Loyalsock Township has a Burning Ordinance - number 320. Overall, in brief summary, enjoy your firepit, but don't burn rubbish.

Section 94-2 General prohibition on all outdoor burning.

"....Under no circumstances shall any person perform or cause to be performed or permit to be performed any outdoor burning or any material, including but not limited to, garbage, rubbish, refuse, trash, paper, paper products, rubber, wire, roofing shingles, plastic/synthetic materials, brush, trimmings, rakings, leaves, grass, wood, coal, wood products, and other similar materials. Any existing outdoor burning device used to burn household waste must be removed and properly disposed of."

These limitations do not take away from the relaxation found when enjoying time with neighbors and family around the firepit. Grilled hot dogs and smores add to the fun as long as they are prepared in safe manner over gas or charcoal grills. Keep the trash in the can not the fire.

A few other situations in which outside burning is permitted requires planning and safety precautions. At times, a resident may need to burn to maintain their property, known as a controlled burn; however, this must be approved by the Loyalsock Township Board of Supervisors prior to doing so. Please contact the Township Building at: 570-323-6151. The fire company must also be notified in advance once the Board of Supervisors approve. Some residents live in areas not serviced by the public sanitary sewers or public water lines. These individuals may burn noncombustible materials in a ventilated container that is covered by a 1/2 inch wire mesh cover that is at least 300 feet from inhabited structures and 20 feet from vegetations. Control burns may only occur from sunrise and sunset, Monday through Friday, and be attended by an adult at all times.

Unfortunately, some members of our community fail to follow these rules. The Burning Ordinance is enforced by the Township Codes Enforcement Officer, Township Building Official, Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company Fire Chief and/or Inspector, or any other persons approved by the resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Loyalsock Township. A violation is considered a summary offense and is punishable by a fine not less then $100.00 nor more than $1000.00 or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 90 days. Each day that an offense occurs is considered a separate offense.

Please remember we all enjoy our section of the Susquehanna Valley and share it with our neighbors and visitors. So, all may relax around a fire, please be respectful of your neighbors and follow the rules. Again a copy of the Township Burning Ordinance can be obtained from the Township Code Office: 570-323-6151 and will be posted here on the fire company website.

Have a safe summer!

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As Spring moves into Summer, most of us enjoy spending time outdoors. Many relax in the evenings sharing thoughts and memories with others around a fire while enjoying a burger and toasted marshmallows.
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Early December 29, 2021, Station 18 was dispatched by Lycoming County 911 for reported working fire with possible entrapment. Chief 18, Chief 1-18, and Chief 2-18 arrived on scene and confirmed reported dispatch.
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